Stow on the Wold Motor Show

Saturday 14th July 2018

Press release 19 July 2018

HORNS honked and engines revved to receive bumper-to-bumper crowds at Stow Motor Show. Hundreds of motoring enthusiasts and families thronged to the first spectacular event on Stow’s Queen Elizabeth II cricket field. They were treated to some 200 gleaming vehicles – from pre-1940 vintage and classic cars to modern supercars and bikes, agricultural, military and commercial vehicles.

“A diverse range of amazing vehicles slowly built up until midday when Stoig – Stow’s version of Top Gear’s The Stig – arrived in the mayoral Rolls Royce to cut our opening tape,” said committee member and Stow Mayor Ben Eddolls.

“We started early under a blazing sun as many volunteer marshals and helpers prepared for show cars and the public. The local Donnington beer, cider and wines were hastily prepared in the Pitstop bar, the smell of crackling and cooking bacon wafted across from the pig roast as exhibitors and trade stands filtered in. Shouts of ‘Oh look – there’s a McLaren’ and ‘Is that an old David Brown tractor?’ rang out.

“One highlight was a fly-past by 12 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. The sun shone all day on a perfect Cotswold scene, which ran on into the evening with local band Roughcut Ruby on stage as children played and families picnicked.”

Support poured in for a silent auction, raffle and donation buckets. Car parking raised £1,130. Fundraising was for Kate’s Home Nursing, North Cotswolds Disabled Club and Sam Pilcher Trust. The final total is yet to be announced.

Crowds revelled in the diverse vehicle fleet. Will Brittain-Jones and dad Charles, who started collecting in 1981, showed Second World War military vehicles from Todenham. A white Half-Track, used for ferrying troops, sported a menacing 50 calibre machine gun and two 30 calibre guns, standing beside a Willys Jeep and GMC dump truck. “We renovate a lot of stuff from Europe and it takes time and money, but we love it,” said Will. “We loan out our vehicles and do film work such as “Band of Brothers.”

Other famous wheels belonged to proud owner Percy Hudson. He had built a replica of the car used in film ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ – a burgundy 1961 Ferrari California - from a kit. “I’d done a ‘test’ kit build for something more exotic for my wife in 1987,” he revealed. “This car is what I was practising for when we finally had more money. We use it regularly and if you park up anywhere everyone comes to take pictures.”

Bob and Sheila Boswell go shopping and tow a trailer tent with their distinctive 1951 Chevrolet panel van, customised with modern red and white wheels. Sunburnt to a dark green, the van still bears it’s former American owners’ tradename ‘Buffinton Florist, Fall River, Mass.’

George Long had driven his 1956 Fergusson 35 tractor to the show from Upper Rissington. He’d been on tractors for 30 years. He was just as proud of his small workhorse as Peter Rixon, from Stow, was of his 2000 Morgan Plus 8. The British car was the Geneva Show car in the same year. “Every drive is an occasion,” he said. Admiring it was former Morgan owner Audrey Dockery, from Bourton-on-the-Water, who’d owned a Morgan for 25 years. “It had no power steering, the brakes weren’t good and it had terrible suspension – but that was all part of the fun and it was still fab.”

Other attractions included a parade ring; children’s funfair rides, go-karts, archery, motoring and general trade stands including Cheltenham and Cotswold Advanced Motorcyclists, catering and refreshment outlets. Stow Fire Service, which seeks more volunteers, also mounted a demonstration.

Press release 30 May 2018


A SEXY SUPERCAR with ‘butterfly’ doors is set to strut its stuff at Stow Motor Show. The stunning pearly white BMW i8 is one of an amazing array starting to line up for the free family event on July 14. Exhibitors will be vying for a silent seal of approval from show celebrity The ‘Stoig’ – Stow’s answer to Top Gear’s ‘The Stig.’ Organisers are calling for more iconic motors, old and new and from all walks of life, to create an unforgettable display on Queen Elizabeth ll cricket field.

‘Stoig’ with Philip Ireland’s BMW.
L to R: Mike Hallowes with his Jag, Bill Cheston with Mercedes and ‘Stoig’, Geoff Parke with photographer Mike Schoen’s Mazda Mx5.
‘Stoig’ with Mike Hallowes’ Jaguar

Already we have a great cross-section from pre-1940 sports cars and vintage tractors to modern supercars and bikes, said Show chairman Geoff Parke. We continue to welcome new entrants and every day sees more owners registering their vehicles on our website.

The fantastically futuristic BMW i8 is gearing up to draw crowds. Performance car dealer Philip Ireland said: “With its narrow LED headlights, elegant curves and spaceship-style rear lights, it’s beautifully designed and looks absolutely stunning in this colour and wheel combination,” he said. “Then there’s the jaw-dropping dihedral butterfly doors which, once open, show off an interior every bit as stylish as the exterior. The owner will need to get used to being the centre of attention because the i8 is a car that attracts a lot of it!” The model can do 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds but only consumes 134mpg on average.

Modern supercars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini, will also be shown by car clubs and private owners, alongside classic cars such as Mercedes, Lotus and Austin Healey; vintage cars including Rolls-Royce and Bentley and military models from tanks to Halftracks. Motorbikes will feature top makes such as Triumph and Harley Davidson and there will be agricultural vehicles and lorries.

Drivers will be raring to share their passion. Mike Hallowes, from Stow, has been won over by Jaguars. His early XK150 3.4SE, from 1957, was sold as a personal export to Leonard St Clair, a thriller writer from California. Mike revealed: “I’ve owned several Jaguars over the years, including an XK120, E type and a C Type replica. Cars have always been a major part of my life and I spent 25 years supplying vehicles for tv, film and advertising.

Our company Ten Tenths Ltd has supplied vehicles for tv, film and advertising. One of our best commercials was for Hamlet cigars where we supplied a Reliant Robin and 80 motorbikes to be knocked over like dominoes when a Mr Bean character opened the Reliant’s door at a fairground. That took 24 hours solid to shoot in Crawley. It made the video of the Best Hamlet adverts.

Mike also provided a Ferrari F40, a Trabant, Austin Ambassador and various other vehicles including ambulances for tv series The Detectives, starring Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell. He also sourced and drove a London Taxi. He recalled: “That gave me my one and only speaking part: ‘Where to guv?’ to Robert Powell.”

Jaguar’s racing heritage was a big pull for Mike and Stow-based Steve Davies feels the same about Alfa Romeos. He happens to have five and is chairman of the Cotswolds Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club. Talking about his GTV 916 Spider, he said: “It’s affectionately known as Hetty. She’s exhilarating to drive and I’ve never broken down since I’ve owned her. It has a Busso engine, one of the best ever made.

“I’ve owned Alfa Romeos since the early 1990s because they’re different – they have a bit of Italian flair and are quirky. The GTV is also very driver-orientated, to the point the clocks are aimed at the driver.”

Show committee member Ben Eddolls, who is now organising his third and biggest extravaganza, added: “Alfa Romeo are one of the legends of motor sport. Enzo Ferrari ran the works team and then started Ferrari.”

Bill Cheston, from Stow, raced a 4.5 litre Bentley tourer at nationwide vintage events for 10 years in the 1960s and 70s. Today his passion is an on-the-road restoration of mechanical issues and the interior trim of a Mercedes Benz 250CE coupe. “It was built in 1970, the year of my son Hugo’s birth, and bought by him for his son Tai on his 1st birthday,” said Bill. “It’s a very interesting car of its type and still drives very well indeed. There were about 20,000 coupes built from 1969-74 and there can’t be many in the UK.”

The Show runs from midday to 10.30pm. As well as static exhibits, there will be driving demonstrations in a parade ring; children’s funfair rides, go-karts and other family attractions; motoring and general trade stands, catering and refreshment outlets. Stow Fire Service is also mounting a demonstration. The evening features a hog roast, bar and live music.

Anyone is welcome to display an interesting vehicle but must apply in advance through our exhibitors page to obtain an entry pass.

Any Stow Motor Show profits will support Kate’s Home Nursing, Sam Pilcher Trust and North Cotswolds Disabled Club.

For further information please contact publicity officer Caroline Fisher on 07910 356687 or email


Press release 17 January 2018


A MYSTERY ‘celebrity’ will be keeping his beady eye on a bumper-to-bumper event. Taking a leaf out of tv’s cult show Top Gear, Stow Motor Show will have its own home-grown ‘The Stig’. The anonymous ‘Stoig’ – rumoured to be a Stow-based professional test driver – will oversee the family fun extravaganza on July 14. He could well be dazzled by an array of over 200 gleaming vehicles, from all eras and walks of life, gathered together by a group of dedicated motoring enthusiasts. The unique display will be showcased on Queen Elizabeth II Cricket Field. Any profits will go to three local charities.

‘Stoig’ gives the 1966 Austin Healey 3000 the seal of approval.
Tuning up the 1966 Austin Healey 3000
L to R: Peter Day, ‘Stoig’, Ben Eddolls, Nigel Surman and Geoff Parke.

“We’ll have an eclectic mix from lawnmowers and supercars to agricultural vehicles and family saloons,” said show chairman Geoff Parke. “It’s a motor show not a car show as we’re celebrating the internal combustion engine. We’re aiming to appeal to young and old, not just petrol-heads.”

Head-turning exhibits from private owners, car clubs and garages will feature classic cars such as Austin Healey, Mercedes, Lotus and TVR; vintage cars including Bentley and Rolls-Royce; modern supercars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari and military models from tanks and Jeeps to Halftracks. Agricultural vehicles, lorries and motorbikes including Harley Davidson, BSA and Triumph, will also jostle for attention.

With his helmet visor firmly closed and arms crossed, ‘Stoig’ will be silently circulating on the day. He is unlikely to make any comments.

Children can enjoy funfair rides, go-karts and other activities. There will be motoring and general trade stands, refreshments and a licensed bar, pig roasts and catering outlets. Stow Fire Service will also mount a demonstration. Live music in the evening comes from Witney-based band Roughcut Ruby.

Visitors will also be thrilled by wheels in action. “We’re planning a parade ring for demonstrations,” said committee member Ben Eddolls. “As well as car clubs, small local garages and repair shops are bringing groups of vehicles. We’ve Minis from Cold Aston; Ford Granadas from Nether Westcote and Subarus from Bourton-on-the-Water.

“Anyone with an interesting vehicle is welcome to come and display it but must apply in advance through our website: to obtain an entry pass.”

Ben has masterminded two previous motor shows at Stow-on-the-Wold and District RFC, Oddington Road. Fuelled by growing interest, he said: “Now, with more and more like-minded people, we’ve decided to hold it closer to the main town. We’ve gained an excellent venue in the cricket field, thanks to Stow Town Council sponsorship. This show will really give you the feel-good factor and build up a network of local connections and specialists.”

Tuning up his own 1966 Austin Healey 3000, Geoff hopes the show will infect others with his motoring passion. “It’s thrilling to drive something of this age which has performance comparable to man modern cars,” he said. “It derived from a Healey, a car built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It’s a quintessential British sports car typifying the ‘50s and ‘60s.”

Ben added: “Unlike some modern cars, which are quite anodyne when you’re driving them, with this type of car you actually feel part of the machine.”

The show is supporting Kate’s Home Nursing, Sam Pilcher Trust and North Cotswolds Disabled Club.

For further information please contact publicity officer Caroline Fisher on 07910356687 or email